Gathering Times

 Sunday Morning 

Worship of Song, Word &

Holy Communion:  9:00 am


Coffee and Conversation:  10:00 am



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Upcoming Events

September 4th:

Choirs Resume

Bell Choir 5:15 - 6:30 pm

Senior Choir 6:45 - 7:45 pm


God's Work-Our Hands

After Worship


September 11th:


6 - 6:45 pm

Confirmation Parent/Student Meeting

6 - 7:30 pm at Bonnet Prairie


September 25th

Columbia County Healthcare


at 2:00 pm


September 26th

Covenant House Worship

at 10:30 am


September 29th:

Congregational Meeting

Fellowship Hall at 10:30 am


September 30th 

Neighborhood Table at

Rio Depot from 5:30 - 7pm -

All are invited 





Membership at Redeemer Lutheran Church

What is it?


    One of the privileges and joys we have as disciples of Christ Jesus is participation in an active faith community.  We each are a part of the Body of Christ and together we make up a community of expansive expression of Christ’s love in the world.  Active involvement in a congregation encourages and empowers us in faith, challenging us to grow and extend ourselves as forgiven and beloved children of God for the good of all.  Membership in a church body helps to shape us as disciples of Christ together as the Body of Christ.  What joy it is that we can come together in prayer, in worship and thanksgiving, in learning and in service.  Living in relationship with God entails relationship with all creation and especially in the support of a living, breathing, growing, life-giving people of faith defined as a congregation.

    Members are received through baptism, through affirmation of faith, and by transfer from other congregations.  Voting members are those that also partake regularly of the sacrament of Holy Communion and contribute of record financially in support of the ministries of Redeemer.   A congregation in the Lutheran church is defined by its constitution and its by-laws.  Your participation makes a difference in the life of this congregation.  Each person adds to the life of the others as the Spirit of God works through us to shape us for ministry in the local context of Rio and surrounding areas. 

    Your active involvement by participation in

  • worship

  • receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion

  • participation in prayer

  • receiving and extending God’s peace

  • regular financial giving

  • education opportunities for learning and teaching

  • engagement in mission and service opportunities

  • fellowship with others

    All of the above extends and strengthens us individually and as a whole.  Jesus develops us into leaders of faith to use the gifts we have been given to share God’s love with others.   Leadership may be an administrative role such as Church Council, but it could be heading up a team for a mission trip, or providing worship and communion to those in care facilities.  Leadership and participation takes place also within your own home as you set aside times for prayer, such as at meals, or bedtime or in the morning.  Our leadership and participation through the ministries of Redeemer carry on the work God directs of us.

    In order for the church staff to continue to keep good records and be informed of each person’s involvement, two-way communication is key.  Each time one of us is in worship, it is important for each of us to sign in on the forms in the red pew pad folders, providing your name, the date and any updated contact info to let us know you have communed with us.  

    In addition, in order for church staff to keep a record of your giving, please fill out a giving envelope with your name, contact info and the amount of your financial giving.  This way we can also provide a contribution statement for your records and for tax purposes.   Generosity in financial giving is a sign of spiritual maturity and growing discipleship in Christ.  Part of our role as a church is to account for people’s giving and provide statements of giving, not only for tax purposes, but for your own growth.  Growth in giving of time, talents and resources is a sign of your commitment to God and to the ministries of this congregation.

    Does membership in a local church provide salvation in Jesus Christ?  No.  Jesus has already done that for you through his life, death and resurrection.  We are saved by grace through faith and not by works.

    Is membership required for participation in the life of Redeemer?   No.  You can participate in all aspects of the church, except voting and participation in the church council.   Our local congregation is governed by a body of nominated and elected members which make up the church council.  Council is formed in alignment with the Constitution of the church.   When a people gather for a purpose, a constitution and other supporting documentation provide guidelines to help stay the course and make decisions in order that we may cooperate with the work God has called us to do.  Leadership is necessary and your involvement as a voting member is vital to the life and vitality of a living, breathing people of God for the good of the whole.    

    Why be a member?  Jesus gathered his disciples together every day.  They spent time together, hearing God’s word, spending time with God by being in the presence of Jesus and in prayer.  They also went out together to perform acts of ministry by faith.  Our faith is expressed through interaction in relationship with others of faith, and as we receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, hear and read God’s word, pray and give of the resources God has given us to steward – including but not limited to our financial resources.  This is all in response to God’s gift of life in all creation.  It is in living out our faith we continue to grow into an ever deepening relationship with God.  This is why we participate actively in the life of a local church.  

    It is together, we make a difference in the world and we hold each other accountable to God’s word and to love.  

    May we continue to meet together, to grow and challenge each other, to love one another in grace and truth in the bonds of peace.